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We Just Launched A Patreon!


Your friendly neighborhood Eternal Frequency now as our very own Patreon! Together we can build an incredible community! By becoming a member, you will receive exclusive benefits for Patreon ONLY (things we won't even share on social media) have one on one chats with the band, receive exclusive gifts, pick your very own vocal covers, guitar/bass/drum covers and MORE!

We thank you for your incredible support. By becoming a member, you are helping us with tour costs, recording costs, music video costs, and SO. MUCH. MORE! You help keep the art going and we are so thankful and blessed to share our lives with you! We are also open to any suggestions you may have! What would YOU like for us to offer as a benefit? Let us know on our Patreon page! And again thank you for supporting all things EF!

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